Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Artist on Tap"-4/20/14

There is an immensely talented artist who is sometimes known as the Grandmaster of Fantastic Art. People react to his images on a visceral, emotional level. His art vibrates with tension and movement, and even his still figures seem ready to spring to life.  He creates images of the fantastic but they are always grounded in realism. He was a modern-day classical artist working in an era when artists of this sort could no longer be found. There is nobody quite like him, though he's probably the most influential artist of the past half-century.

His name is Frank Frazetta. I've learned more from this amazing artist than any other single creative person I can think of, and every time I gaze at one of his images, I realize that there is more for me to learn. With this understanding comes the old excitement and desire to improve and to produce art of my own. Frazetta's subject matter, his dynamism, his anatomy, and realism make his art a treat for the eyes. He, like few others, can make the viewer feel drawn into another world with but a glimpse of his art. A lush and primal world of great beauty and savagery which seems as real as the world outside one's window.

This selection of art shows Frazetta's talent with oil painting, watercolor, pen and ink, and pencil. His skill is incredible. But most amazing of all, he never used reference. He didn't need it. You may see more at


  1. Just kidding buddy. He was a giant.
    That said, we know of plenty of other monster artists out there, including the obscure ones.